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NLP Transformational 'Laser' Coaching - just £197 for 3 hours

NLP 121 coaching is suitable for anyone and everyone who wants to make a change in their thoughts, beliefs and behaviours for life, relationships, finances, phobias, career and business.

A 3 hour breakthrough session, will get to the route cause of your challenge and using NLP techniques act like a laser to cut straight to the solution.

Money back guarantee.

Get a FREE 15 minute discovery call, where you can openly and confidentially discuss your challenges and required changes with me and work out what is truly best for you to move forward. 

TO REQUEST YOUR FREE DISCOVERY CALL - TEXT 'Your name' and code 'DISC15' to 07921 040474. 

From just £95 per hour, you can receive coaching through skype, by phone or in person, as a one time 'breakthrough session' or on-going support to remove unwanted thoughts, patterns, beliefs and behaviours. Pay monthly plans are available - where there is a will there is a way!