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Courses & Events

NLP 2 hour Taster Sessions £20

So, what’s it all about? You’ve probably heard the phrase and connect it with positive mental attitude. Well, NLP is way more than that. It’s an extensive set of mind mastery tools, techniques and principles to help you get the best from your life by understanding, changing and controlling your thoughts, limiting beliefs, damaging behaviours, phobias and generally helping you to help get yourself out of the way!

Join me for a 2 hour fun packed demonstration of how you can change your world and if you are planning to use NLP as a Practitioner, coach, mentor or Therapist, you can find out all about how you achieve that. 6.30-8.30pm

NLP Life Mastery - 1 Day £97

You know you have some things to sort out in your life, but not sure where to start? Well, come and travel the wheel of life with me. A physical process of self-discovery, mind mastery and change facilitation throughout your life balance. If you are struggling to work out what you want in life, who you are, how to set goals, how to stay on track with them, or how to get out of old habits to create better ones, then this life changing day is for you! 10-3pm.

NLP Business Owner Basics - 2 days £125

A certified 'Business Management' course that brings the principles of NLP to your life, career and business. To be successful, you need:-

You will learn;- the art of rapport, body language, sensory acuity, eye patterns, basic clean and influencing language skills, belief creation and change, timeline techniques for mastering thoughts and behaviours and some amazing practical tools to help you keep focused and on track.

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