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Is NLP Basics for Business for you?

Management, leadership & persuasive communications training

NLP Basics for Business - just £125 (2 days)

Are you a business owner, aspiring entrepreneur, or are you enjoying a career that you know you can do better in, if you just had advanced communication and self management tools?

EnjoyAbility NLP Business Management Training teaches a collection of proven techniques used by counsellors, hypnotherapists, trainers, successful influencers and public speakers. It’s the key you need to fully understanding yourself and others around you, through thoughts, feelings, spoken language and body language.

Our NLP Training are fun and fully certified practical courses to teach you the skills you need to change your business, your life and that of others around you.

NLP Business Owner Basics is a 2 day course (non residential, seperate days), that is designed specifically for managers, business owners or entrepreneurs starting a business, to provide essential tools including:

Using NLP Basics such as:-

Total commitment to your development - always

Once you start your NLP Business training and development journey with EnjoyAbility, you will ALWAYS be welcome to re-attend the courses FREE of CHARGE as a refresher, to support other NLP learners and to keep it all fresh in your mind. Every day is a school day. Like any other skill, if you don't use it, you might lose it!

We also run local groups, business networking and social support groups to keep you engaged and connected. Check out the events page and book on!